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Illustrated talks on his walks by

 Revd. John N. Merrill

John has numerous talks about many of his walks, these include - 

* Walking to Santiago de Compostela - John has walked 7 different routes to St. James's shrine. 

* Walking My Way - the story of his life and walks - more than 220,000 miles, wearing out 135 pairs of boots. A hilarious but fascinating talk!

Probably the most extraordinary story.

*Turn Right at Lands End - 7,000 miles - the story of the first walk around Britain.

*Walking the coast of Essex - 340 miles - Essex has the second longest coastline of any County. It was John's last county before reaching London on his coast walk. To celebrate the walk's 40th anniversary he walked it again and this is the story of this fascinating walk around a remote and forgotten coastline.

*Turn Right at Death Valley - 4,260 miles - the story of his record breaking walk across America.

*The Pacific Crest Trail - 3,000 miles.

*Across Europe, the Alps and Pyrenees - 3,000 miles and 600,000 feet of ascent & descent.

* Walking to Santiago de Compostella via Fatima - 650 miles - through Portugal.

* Walking to Assisi  - 200 miles.

*Walking the Cathars Way in Southern France - 200 miles.

*Walking the Bon Hommes Way from France over the Pyrenees to Spain - 200 miles.

* Walking the Pilgrimage route to St. Gillies du Gard in Southern France - in medieval times this was the fourth major pilgrimage route - 220 miles.

* Walking St. Cuthbert's Way - 72 miles, through the Scottish Borders from Melrose to Lindisfarne in Northumberland.

* Walking to Mont St. Michel.

*Walking from London to Oxford - St. Frideswide Pilgrimage Walk.

Other U.K. Pilgrimage walks to Canterbury, Walsingham, Holywell, St. Albans and many others.

* An introduction to Qigong, the world's best kept secret; giving you good  health and long life!

* Cycling from Paris to Mont St. Michel and onto St. Malo - 340 miles.

John first long distance cycle ride!

* Cycling from London to Paris and back along the River Seine to Le Havre - 540 miles - John's second long bike ride!

He travels all over Britain and beyond, brings his own equipment and screen - all enquiries are welcome. All groups, societies and clubs are catered for.